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    e14d - PP2K18 Special - Day 4

    We couldn't keep up with the wild schedule of recording at 3am with all the shows happening, so we are a bit late, but Day 4 happened, and mainly, Alestorm and Karaoke happened. Enjoy our tired babble.

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    e14a - PP2K18 Special - Day 1

    The powerful. crew got together for ProgPower festival with some friends, here's the aftermath of Day 1.

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    e13 - A Conversation with Helion Prime

    Another interview? yeah! This time we have Jason Ashcraft and Sozos Michael from Helion Prime, right around the release of their new album Terror of the Cybernetic Space Monster, go check it out!

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    e11 - powerful Midyear Extavaganza

    In this episode, the powerful crew discuss the legendary episode 0, why your favorite albums aren't on certain streaming platforms, our favorite power metal albums in the first half of 2018, and what we're looking forward to in the rest of the year.

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    e08 - Metal is (not) for Everyone

    Welcome new listeners! In this episode we dwell on the topic of accesible power metal bands, why some bands are so disproportionately popular and why isn't power metal more mainstream; also some news of the month, and 2 album reviews! Judicator's The Last Emperor, and Kamelot's The Shadow Theory.

    Also, ZF does epic space wizard impression and Darko sings a lot.

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