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    e20 - Powerful Ballads

    What even is a ballad? Why are they a thing? Are they just the obligatory slow song? Join us in our chat about the songs that make your feelz go all tingly.

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    e18 - AOTY 2018

    Finally, a roundup of what 2018 gave us in terms of Power Metal and other thingys we like (and dislike). Get your comfy headphones, because this is a long one!

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    e17 - Small Bands Spectacular

    On this very special episode of powerful, we shine a light on over a dozen small bands you likely haven't heard of. One of our favorite things about doing this podcast is having people reach out to us saying they discovered an awesome new band through us. So in this time of the spirit of giving, we are giving our community, and these wonderful bands, a little gift of our own. Stay powerful!

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    e15 - Seasons and Music

    To start things off, we ramble about our listening habits, music based on mood, do we listen to non PM stuff? All this and more coming up.

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    e14e - PP2K18 Special Extra - Pumpkins United

    The final day of Raw Power is here. We went to Helloween's Pumpkins United show, and it was incredible. Thank you to everyone for listening to the first season of powerful. a power metal podcast!

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    e14d - PP2K18 Special - Day 4

    We couldn't keep up with the wild schedule of recording at 3am with all the shows happening, so we are a bit late, but Day 4 happened, and mainly, Alestorm and Karaoke happened. Enjoy our tired babble.

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